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Intimate boudoir session in a hotel room
Posted By On 22 Jan 2018

Veronika contacted me about 2 months ago from Prague, and she wanted to have an intimate boudoir session here in Budapest with me. She has chosen me as her photographer because she was looking for the feminine, sensual, elegant boudoir images, the way how I capture the images.

Veronika has stayed in a hotel, downtown of Budapest, and she wanted to have the boudoir session over there instead of a studio. We were shooting early morning, and we had a chance this way the use and experiment with the harsh light. When I saw the place and we talked to Veronika, I already knew, that I want moody images, playing with the shadows.

Here are couple of images from the series.

boudoir and glamour photography at Budapest

boudoir és glamour fotózás Budapesten

fehérneműs portfólió fotózás

fine art nude photography at Budapest, Hungary

nőies és érzéki boudoir fotózás Budapesten

művészi akt fotózás Budapesten, artistic nude photography

award winning Hungarian intimate boudoir photographer

intimate boudoir and glamour photography in Hungary

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